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Residential Remodeling

DuraPro Construction offers a wide array of high quality and affordable home renovations to Houston area homeowners looking to create a custom appearance and add value to their property. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bath renovation, or constructing a new addition, we offer top notch services and creative designs that wont be matched.

Did you know that the most common gathering area of your home is in the Kitchen?
When you are entertaining guests or opening your door to potential home buyers, your kitchen is what impresses the most. A kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation is just the ticket to protecting and adding value to your most prized asset. Here at DuraPro we specialize in kitchen renovations of all sizes and styles.

Commercial Remodeling and Build-Outs

In many cases companies purchase or lease an empty or existing space that will require new construction or specific modifications to suite their business needs.  Whether it’s a full scale development or an existing space that will require reconstruction, DuraPro has the experience and skill to build-out your commercial property and tailor your space to function at the highest level for you specific operation.

As a highly regarded commercial remodeling contractor, DuraPro Construction can provide the guidance and resources needed to give your building a new improved look.  When remodeling an office building, retail space, warehouse, or restaurant, we’ve got the construction expertise to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Restoration & Reconstruction

Although the Lone Star State offers sunshine and clear skies nearly year round, Southeast Texas unfortunately has its fair share of severe weather that may affect your home or business.  Alternatively, water leaks and fire can also occur at a moments notice for all property owners.

When disaster strikes DuraPro Construction has the resources and expertise to quickly address your situation and mitigate any further damage to your property.  As a qualified insurance contractor our employees and partners promptly collaborate to carryout a turn-key restoration and reconstruction of your home or business.

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